Suggest removal of a Fishmonger

Our intention is to list only those fishmongers who offer a very good selection of premium fish and some shellfish


We are not looking to include those offering only a basic selection of fish and smaller shellfish like mussels and cockles, or that offer larger shellfish only if you order in advance.  

If you think a monger already listed on Seafood Lovers Restaurant Guide shouldn’t be, explain why and we’ll look into it.

You don’t need to register with our site to suggest we remove a monger, but if you wish to participate in our Seafood Dinner Contest you must be registered and signed in at the time you submit your suggestion, and if we agree we’ll give you an entry in the draw. Everyone registered with us will also receive our Newsletter with seafood articles, featured restaurants, recipes and more.                                                   Please submit one Fishmonger per message

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